HausMart allows you to turn any space into a self-service store–all you need is our free app!


You've just checked in, and you're craving a snack. The only problem: it’s midnight, you don’t know the city, and you're beat after a long day of travel. No worries, HausMart gives you the opportunity to buy straight from your host and pay online. No staff, no change, no POS hardware, and most of all, no hassle! 

With HausMart, any trusted environment can quickly become a store. The app is designed to provide a smart and simple user experience for both the merchant and customer. Merchants simply snap a photo of their product(s), set a price, and start selling. Customers scan the HausMart QR code, start browsing the inventory and pay securely. With HausMart, the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

HausMart is a peer-to-peer retail solution that fits in your pocket. All you need to set up your store and to start accepting payments online is a smartphone and our free HausMart app. Merchants are able to set up everything in a couple of minutes, and when they sell something, they are notified and paid instantly!

HausMart stores can be accessed in any physical space (such as Airbnb apartment) via QR codes and in the digital space (online store) on any web browser. For convenience, customers do not need to download an app to purchase products from merchants who use the HausMart app to create their stores. It's a simple check out experience!