We get our hands dirty.

Although marketing is an important part of what we do, we are not an advertising agency or communications firm. Rather, we help budding ideas bloom and reach their full potential. Our hands-on team has wide-reaching experience across strategic planning, entrepreneurship and creative direction and brings process and protocol to companies to help reap the rewards of their hard work.


We don’t spread ourselves thin.

We only work with a small roster of companies whose values speak to us. We help them develop ideas and formulate their brand stories in order to build audiences who are interested in Iceland. In turn, our deep-rooted knowledge of distribution channels and media helps connect those audiences with our partners’ products and services.


We stick with the ones we love.

We help our partners become sustainable businesses by mentoring them in growth strategies and the most important contemporary communications skills, including brand building and social media management. We don’t work for our partners, we work with them.